300 pages . 48 new recipes

Throughout this issue, there is one nostalgic theme that crops up time and again: “I hope to inspire you to bring back the things that make you happy, like making a cream rose or creating an ornate flourish on a plate, the way we did in the past,” says Jan Hendrik, daring anyone to ignore the latest trends and indulge their suppressed desire to beautify their homes and tables with over-the-top garnishing and ornamentation.

With recipes inspired by a wide variety of cuisine – from traditional feasts to classic, down-to-earth South African fare – the stories in Volume 2 are equally diverse. In this issue, the book begins with an indulgent feast in a villa on the Côte d’Azur that was once a retreat for artists like Picasso and Matisse. 

As ever, JAN the Journal Volume 2 is a collector’s item. Boasting a collection of the finest art photography, foolproof recipes and entertaining and informative stories, the Journallooks equally as good on your bookshelf as it does on your coffee table.