300 pages . Over 50 new recipes

Volume 3 of JAN the Journal blows in a fresh gust of culinary inspiration. As ever, the Journal brings you to a pause, allowing you to think, to dream, and to allow things to pass. Throughout the pages of this beautiful volume, a theme of decay emerges that leads us to consider our intriguing relationship with this aspect of food - or indeed of life - the fermentation of food and wine, and its preservation.

We journey to the East to explore Japan, China and Vietnam, and on home turf, rediscover the city of Pretoria. And through an intimate collection of recipes from Ouma Maria’s notebooks, Jan Hendrik shares some of his dearly departed grandmother’s favourite recipes.

This is without a doubt Jan Hendrik and his team’s most informative and valuable collection of recipes and stories to date, never passing up an opportunity to share their latest culinary discoveries.